Chase Middle Student and Parent News - Nov. 16th - 20th


End of 2nd 6th-weeks grading period and promotion reminders

We are now one week through our 3rd grading period.  First, we want to thank the majority of our students who are completing their work, staying in contact with teachers and doing their best with our current situation.  We also want to thank our parents who we all realize are now having to do more to assist their child in completing and staying up to date on their assignments.

Report cards will go home with Hybrid A students on Tuesday and Hybrid B students on Thursday.  Remote students will have their report card mailed out on Tuesday.  We certainly understand the challenges we face as parents and teachers keeping our students motivated to complete assignments with our current format. Unfortunately, we have some students not completing work and failing one or more classes at this time.  . This week we will be contacting parents of students not being successfully to arrange meetings with administration and teachers. 

The state is requiring normal grading procedures and we will be following our local promotion and accountability policy for this school year.  We also have all state testing on regular schedule.  Students must pass 3 our of 4 core classes to be promoted to the next grade level.  For athletics, students must be passes 5 out of 6 (including exploratory classes) to be eligible to play a sport. Parents are reminded you can request a “parent account” to monitor assignments completed, read announcements, and monitor your child’s grades.  Go to the Chase Middle homepage under the “Parents and Students” section then “Parent Resources” to set this account up


2nd Semester Parent Survey for Choosing Student Instructional Model

All parents of middle and high school students must complete an online Second Semester Student Intent Form. The online form will be available Monday, November 16, through Friday, November 20. Please complete ASAP.


Parents will be asked to select an instructional delivery model (face-to-face or remote) for two scenarios:

Plan B: Assuming the continuation of Plan B, parents may select either the hybrid learning program or the fully remote learning program.
Plan A: In the event that Governor Cooper allows middle and high schools to operate under Plan A and our local board of education chooses to do so, parents may select the face-to-face option where their child attends school each weekday or the fully remote option.

iPad Charging Reminder

Parents please ensure you have a routine in place where your child’s iPad is charged each day before attending school.  We do not have extra chargers and this causes a disruption in your child’s ability to complete assignments.  Thank you for your assistance.


Robotics Team Applications

We plan to have a Robotics Team at Chase Middle this year.  We will begin at CMS after Christmas break.  We will not have our annual regional competition this year.

We will try to have a possible competition within our school or with another middle school in the spring (depending on reopening guidelines).  Open to students in grades 6th through 8th.  Be looking for the application sent out in Canvas Announcements soon.


Sports Reminders

With Girls volleyball beginning this week we wanted to remind parents and our community of the restrictions and guidelines for spectators.  Currently our State guidelines limit indoor sports events for middle and high to a maximum of 25 spectators.  Parents will not be allowed to travel to away events and the all tickets have already been provided to parents of athletes for home games.  We certainly would like for more attendance, however, we must adhere to these guidelines to be able to play.  Thank you for your understanding.


Principals Choice Art Contest

Each year, every school in the district is invited to participate in the Principal’s Choice Art program. Each work will hang in the halls of the Rutherford County Schools Administrative Offices for visitors and RCS personnel to admire and enjoy. This year has been a little different so Ms. McKinney is wanting to open this up to any 6th or 7th grader that is interested in submitting artwork for this competition. Mr. Byrd will select 2 artworks that will be displayed at the county office for the year. If you are interested in participating the artwork must be submitted before Nov. 19th. You can drop the completed artworks by the office. This artwork must also be on paper since it will be framed to go on the walls of the Administrative Offices. You may choose the subject and medium for your artwork. We look forward to seeing your art.


Daily and Upcoming Events:

MONDAY (11/16) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu –French Toast Crunchmania, apple juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Cheeseburgers, baked beans, pineapple, milk



TUESDAY (11/17) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu – Breakfast Pizza, orange juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Soft beef taco, broccoli, milk

-REPORT CARDS sent home with hybrid A group students and mailed to remote students

-Chase Middle Pirate Council (PTO) meeting – 6:30pm (See Chase Middle Facebook Post for more details)

-Volleyball Game AWAY vs RS Middle -4:00pm


WEDNESDAY (11/18) –Remote Lesson Day for ALL students

. – Students, please check in with your teachers during their office hours to get help or answer questions

-Cross Country AWAY at Shelby – 4pm

-Golf AWAY Burns Middle Hosting Match



THURSDAY (11/19) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast Menu – Triple Berry French Toast, grape juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Pepperoni Pizza, corn, strawberries, milk

-REPORT CARDS sent home with hybrid B group students

-Volleyball Game AWAY vs East Middle -4:00pm




FRIDAY (11/20) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast Menu – Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, orange-pineapple juice, milk

-Lunch Menu –  Corn Dog, green beans, applesauce, milk


Upcoming Events

-Mon, Nov. 23rd - Volleyball AWAY at Kings Mountain – 4pm

-Tues., Nov. 24th – Cross Country Meet – HOME – 4pm

                            - Golf AWAY – Kings Mtn is hosting

-Wed., Nov. 25 – Optional Teacher Workday - Remote Learning Day for All Students

-Thurs-Fri., Nov. 26-27 – NO school – Thanksgiving Holidays

-Tues., Dec 1st – Volleyball HOME vs Crest Middle – 4pm

-Wed.,Dec. 2nd – Cross Country AWAY – at Crest Middle – 4pm

                         - Golf AWAY – Shelby Middle hosting