Chase Middle Student and Parent  News - November 9th - 13th

Chase Middle Student and Parent  News - November 9th - 13th 




End of 2nd 6th-weeks grading period and promotion reminders

Our last student day of the 2nd six weeks grading period was Friday, November 6th. Students must have all assignments submitted by 11:59pm on Sunday, November 8th to count towards this report card.  We certainly understand the challenges we face as parents and teachers keeping our students motivated to complete assignments with our current format. Unfortunately, we have some students not completing work and failing one or more classes at this time.  The state is requiring normal grading procedures and we will be following our local promotion and accountability policy for this school year.  Students must pass 3 our of 4 core classes to be promoted to the next grade level.  For athletics, students must be passes 5 out of 6 (including exploratory classes) to be eligible to play a sport. Parents are reminded you can request a “parent account” to monitor assignments completed, read announcements, and monitor your child’s grades.  Go to the Chase Middle homepage under the “Parents and Students” section then “Parent Resources” to set this account up. 


New Exploratory Classes Begin Monday

Students will begin the 2nd round (12-weeks) of exploratory classes beginning Monday, November 9th.  Homeroom teachers have this schedule and students can check their Canvas account on Monday and it will show up.  Hybrid students will continue to all report to one exploratory each day attended and travel with their whole class. 


iPad Charging Reminder

Parents please ensure you have a routine in place where your child’s iPad is charged each day before attending school.  We do not have extra chargers and this causes a disruption in your child’s ability to complete assignments.  Thank you for your assistance.


Robotics Team Applications

We plan to have a Robotics Team at Chase Middle this year.  We will begin at CMS after Christmas break.  We will not have our annual regional competition this year.

We will try to have a possible competition within our school or with another middle school in the spring (depending on reopening guidelines).  Open to students in grades 6th through 8th.  Be looking for the application sent out in Canvas Announcements soon.



MONDAY (11/9) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu –French Toast Crunchmania, orange juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Cheeseburgers, green beans, fruit mix, milk


TUESDAY (11/10) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu – Chicken biscuit, apple juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Chicken wrap, green beans, milk


WEDNESDAY (11/11) –No School for Students or Teachers – Veteran’s Day Holiday

. - There will be no assignments and teachers will not be available to respond to students.


THURSDAY (11/12) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast Menu – Blueberry muffin, grape juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Hot dog with chili, baked beans, milk


FRIDAY (11/13) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast Menu – Lucky charms cereal, orange-pineapple juice, milk

-Lunch Menu –  Shepherd’s Pie, Broccoli, applesauce, milk