Chase Middle Sports Season and Free Physicals

We are excited to share our news for middle school sports beginning on November 4th!  Our first 3 sports will be cross country for girls and boys; girls volleyball; and girls and boys golf.


All students participating in a sport this year must have a current physical (7th and 8th graders can use a physical if it was completed in March 2019 or after).  All 6th graders must get a physical on the following date. 7th and 8th graders who need a physical also need to stay or come to school on this date and time.


We are offering these free sports physicals for 6th graders, or any student that needs one at Chase Middle school on October 22nd.  Hybrid group B students that attend that day will be first to go in for a physical.  Hybrid A and remote students will need to get a ride and report to school at 3:30. Please do not park in the bus parking lot.  You can pull up to the front of the school.  Students will get their temperature checked before they get out of the car and we will ask a few precautionary questions.  If students have a fever and/or cannot answer the questions with all “no”, the student will not be allowed to get out of the car for a physical.  You can park in front of the faculty parking lot.  We will have a sign and someone directing students into our commons area.  When students are finished they will leave from one of the side doors from the gym.  If this date is not convenient for your child you may go to Forest City Walk-In Clinic behind the mall anytime this month of October to receive a free physical.  You will need to come by the school to get the correct physical packet to take with you to the Walk-in Clinic.  If you have any questions please call the school.