Chase Middle Student and Parent News – Oct. 12th- 16th

Chase Middle Student and Parent News – Oct. 12th- 16th


Mid Terms – Sent next week – Oct. 19-23rd


Make sure to have your child log-in to their Canvas account to show you their progress for their grades and any assignments not turned in. Be looking for their 3 week midterm report to be sent out next week.


We realize our current learning format is certainly challenging for students for both hybrid or remote. We need you assistance in making sure your child is doing their best in completing their work, submitting it on time, attending zoom meeting with their teacher, and communicating with their teachers on a regular basis.  If your child is failing one or more classes or you have any other concerns please make arrangements for a conference with their teachers to develop a plan to help them improve. We want to work together to help your child improve and be successful.


Free Home Energy Saving Kit – sign up

Hey parents! We are hosting The Conservation Crew Livestream Special, a part of the My Energy Kit Challenge, soon, and you can help our school, teachers, and your home by requesting a FREE Energy Kit. For every 100 kit sign-ups, Chase Middle School earns $250, and just by signing up you are entered into multiple drawings for $100! Visit to learn more and request your kit today.




MONDAY (10/12) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu –strawberry pop tart, string cheese, applesauce  , Milk

-Lunch Menu – chicken nuggets, ranch potato wedges, grapes, milk



TUESDAY (10/13) – Hybrid Group A Day

-Breakfast menu – cinnamon roll, yogurt, grape juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – mozzarella cheese sticks with spaghetti sauce, green beans, peaches, milk



WEDNESDAY (10/14) –Remote Day for ALL

-Check in with your teacher during their scheduled zoom office hours to get any assistance or help.. 


THURSDAY (10/15) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast menu –pancake on a stick, orange juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Teriyaki chicken, fried rice, glazed carrots, pineapple, milk


FRIDAY (10/16) – Hybrid Group B Day

-Breakfast menu – Lucky charms, orange-pineapple juice, milk

-Lunch Menu – Diced BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese, pintos, roll, apple, milk