Chase Middle News for Week of September 7th – 11th

Chase Middle News for Week of September 7th – 11th


We are excited to begin seeing some of our students Tuesday morning!  Please visit our Chase Middle homepage or Chase Middle Facebook page to review these announcements. Also have students check their Canvas Announcement Page for reminders about dress code and student cell phone policy before Tuesday.


**No student should arrive before 7:20 am as they will not be permitted to enter the building.  There will be no waiting area available. **



Make sure to view our welcome back video we made for our newest Pirate’s in 6th grade!  Hybrid students in all grade levels can get an idea of what bus, car riders, health screenings, and transitions to class will look like each day.



Students and Staff only in building: We realize many parents typically bring their student inside the building on the first day of school, however, with the safety screenings and procedures currently in place this will not be possible.  Please make sure to tell this to whoever brings your child to school next week.


Directions and Help getting to the classroom:   Students will need to report directly to their 1st core classroom when entering the building on Tuesday or Thursday. We will have numerous staff in the hallways to assist all students to get to their classroom.  These individuals will also have a list of all students with their room location.


Masks: We are required to adhere to State health guidelines for wearing mask.  All adults and students must wear a mask at all times inside the building.  Students will have an opportunity during lunch and scheduled outside break times (following social distancing) to take off their masks.  We will be sending home washable cloth masks home with each student.  Students are welcome to wear their own mask to school. Neck gaiters meet the guidelines for cloth face coverings.  All mask or gaiters must cover the mouth and nose at all times.


Car Riders:  All Car riders must be dropped off at the front of the building using the Main Entrance.  Parents need to pull up one of the three drop off areas. Students are not permitted to exit the vehicle before temperature is checked.  Students with temperatures above 100.4 will not be allowed to exit the vehicle.  Parents of car riders should not drop off and leave students before required health screening.

Bus Riders:   Beginning Friday, bus rider parents must daily complete and send a paper copy of the “Bus Attestation form” before a student can be admitted onto the bus. Driver’s will give copies of these forms to students on their first day riding the bus. Temperatures will be checked again, at the school, before entry.  Students who fail the entry check must be picked up by a parent/guardian immediately.  

Breakfast, Lunch, and outside food deliveries:  

No charge for student breakfast and lunch.  Upon arrival and completion of required health screening, students will report directly to their first period of the day.  A grab-and-go breakfast opportunity will be given to students on the way to their classrooms. Meals will be eaten in classrooms and not in the cafeteria.  The menu for Tuesday is pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, vegetables, and milk.   We can not accept any food deliveries from outside of the school.  Please make sure to tell any family members who have typically brought or sent food to schools during lunch period.  


Charge iPad Each Evening:  Please make sure your hybrid student charges their iPad the evening before attending their assigned days at school.

Students must practice the three W’s while on campus:  Wear a mask, Wait six feet apart and Wash their hands often.


Chase Middle’s Faculty and Staff are very excited to once again get to see some of our students. We are committed to helping our students succeed even in the midst of these difficult times.


We are currently revising our student handbook with new safety guidelines and procedures. In the meantime we wanted to make sure you understood our Dress Code and Cell Phone policy:




            Rutherford County Schools provides a quality instructional program and learning opportunity for every student.  The personal appearance of every student is an important component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning and respect for one another.  Students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner while on school district property or representing the school.  This is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent or guardian.  Personal appearance shall be such that it does not disrupt student work or school order, become distracting to other students, or violate health and safety guidelines.  Student violations of this policy shall be handled by the principal or principal’s designee in accordance with the Rutherford County Schools Discipline Policy (Sections C and D).


  • 1st Offense:  Send to Chill Out/ISS for a warning, remain there until appropriate clothing is brought to school. The ISS teacher will document all offenses.
  • 2nd Offense:  Send to Chill Out and remain there until appropriate clothes are delivered, 1 day of lunch detention (whole lunch period)
  • 3rd Offense:  Send to Chill Out and remain there until appropriate clothes are put on, 3 days of lunch detention (whole lunch period)
  • Continued Offenses:  Discipline starting with ISS then followed by OSS.


            The following standards apply at all middle schools.  Principals may make additions to these standards:

  • Street shoes or sandals will be worn.  Shower type shoes or bedroom shoes are not permitted.
  • All shirts and/or blouses must meet the top of the lower garment at all times.  No bare midriff or Low Cut blouses or shirts will be permitted.
  • No plunging necklines, backless tops, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, halter-tops, or vests without shirts will be permitted. Shirts must be at least 4 finger widths on shoulders.
  • Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, picks, do-rags, or head sweat bands may not be worn inside the school at any time. No Sunglasses on top of students’ heads will be permitted.  
  • No clothing or jewelry will be permitted that display or promote profanity, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, racism, hate, anything perceived as gang related, or anything of a sexual nature.
  • Shorts/skorts/skirts/dresses should not be shorter than mid-thigh when standing. Excessively tight fitting athletic shorts or pants (ex. spandex) of any kind are not permitted.
  • Clothing is not to be sheer or mesh, have excessive holes, or expose underclothing. Undergarments should not be exposed or visible at any time. Tights and leggings are not permitted when skirt/shirt doesn’t meet required dress-code length. If there are holes in jeans, please wear leggings underneath.
  • Pants/trousers/slacks/shorts must be worn at waist level.  Excessively baggy clothing is not permitted. “Sagging” will not be permitted.
  • Pajama bottoms are not allowed.
  • Clothing may not drag the floor.
  • Extraneous articles hanging from clothing, such as chains or other articles are considered dangerous and will not be permitted.

Exception to these standards for specific events or activities may be made only at the discretion of the principal.  Requests for cultural, medical exceptions or sincerely held religious beliefs will be considered and/or honored on an individual basis.   






In addition to the Rutherford County Schools Policy, Chase Middle School will follow the following cell phone guidelines for students..

  • Middle school students are easily distractible. Access to a cell phone makes it difficult for students to focus and learn. When they are at school, learning should be their main focus.
  • CMS requires that any electronic device brought to school be secured in a book bag from the time they enter the school building at 7:15/exit school bus.  The device should also be OFF.  Students should not access their device until they have exited the building after the official dismissal of school. 
  • Other electronic equipment may include MP3 Players, headphones, flash drives, video games, etc…
  • If you need to get a message to your child during the school day, you need to contact the front office at 828-247-1043.  We will be glad to communicate the message with them at an appropriate time.