CMS Student and Parent News – Aug 31 – September 4th

CMS Student and Parent News – Aug 31 – September 4th


Reminders from the Remote Learning Guidelines and Deadlines :

Parents, we need your assistance in ensuring you child is completing and submitting work. We have some students who picked up an iPad but have completed few or zero assignments from the first day of school. Have your child show you completed assignments submitted on their Canvas account or contact their teacher if you have any questions or concerns. You can also request a parent Canvas account to monitor and keep track of their grades and progress. (see info below)


Students without internet access will be expected to upload their week’s assignments no later than Sunday by 11:59 pm.  Student attendance will be recorded to reflect the assignments uploaded during this time frame.


Assignments for the upcoming week will be available for download each Friday by 4:00 pm.  These assignments were available this past Friday for this week for students without internet connection.


Daily Attendance to each class will be dependent upon completion of work activities.


Changes in Remote Meal Pickup beginning Tuesday, September 1st

  The federal grant which provided meals from March through August for students, parents and our community ended August 31st.  Meals now are only available to Rutherford County Schools students only.  The parent or student must present their name and or student ID number.  The Chase district pick up sites will still be Chase High School and Forrest Hunt Elementary.  Pick up is still from 10am – 1pm each Tuesday and Thursday. 

More information available at:


Parent Canvas Account

Parents who would like to be able to monitor student grades, assignment completion and information can request a parent canvas account. Visit the Chase Middle Homepage – Under “parents and students” section, then “parent resources”.  You can request a parent canvas account to be able to view your students grades and completion of assignments.


Our Board of Education will meet this Tuesday evening to review our current status and possibly approve our move to the hybrid model on September 8th.  We will send out information Wednesday with any updates.