CMS News - August 24th - 28th

Chase Middle Students and Parents,

We really appreciate your patience last week as we rolled out our iPads and lessons. Not being able to sit down personally with each student as we normally do  certainly causes frustrations and issues.   If your child still is having problems logging into their computer or application, you can bring it to school this Tuesday at our CMS Drive-through technology support (9am- 1pm).  Use the main entrance and park along the curb. Staff will will available on Tuesday from 9am until 1pm.  You can still call the technical support line from the district 828-288-2234 or our Chase Middle numbers 828-247-1043.

We also wanted to give you reminders about zoom meetings, student class and homework and attendance beginning tomorrow (Monday). 

Teachers should now have their zoom meeting schedule, contact information, and contact times listed on their Canvas page for each of your child’s classes.  Beginning this week, students should be having at least (1) zoom online class and classwork to complete for each of their 6 subjects.  This includes their 4 core classes and 2 exploratory classes.  Make sure you have the kept and refer to the “CMS Remote Learning Guidelines and Expectation” document you received when you picked up their iPad.  


Reminders from the Remote Learning Guidelines:

Students without internet access will be expected to upload their week’s assignments no later than Sunday by 11:59 pm.  Student attendance will be recorded to reflect the assignments uploaded during this time frame.


Assignments for the upcoming week will be available for download each Friday by 4:00 pm.  These assignments were available this past Friday for this week for students without internet connection.

Daily Attendance to each class will be dependent upon completion of work activities.

Have a great week!