iPad Collection Days and 8th grade Celebration

Please mark your calendar for our iPad collection days. We will be collecting iPads at the front of the school. We will have 3 stations where staff will come to your vehicle's window
to collect your iPad.
Collection times will be from 12noon through 6pm each day.
Monday, June 8th - 6th grade (12noon - 6pm)
Tuesday, June 9th - 7th grade (12noon - 6pm)
Wednesday, June 10th - 8th grade (12noon - 6pm)

We will go alphabetically by last name each day. A-H 12-2pm, I-P 2-4pm, Q-Z 4-6pm. This will help us limit the number of people at the school at one time. If you need to come earlier or later than your last name slot on your day that is fine. If you have multiple students in different grade levels than either day will be fine to drop off their devices.
Prior to arriving at the school for drop-off, please power on your assigned iPad and be sure to have your assigned charger ready to return also.

On Wednesday, June 10th, 8th grade parents are invited to bring your child through the front drop off area. After turning in their iPad 8th grade students need to follow the signs through the faculty parking area to receive a gift and see their teachers. We hope all our 8th graders can make arrangements to come by school on June 10th from 12 noon until
6pm. Check our Facebook page and canvas announcements for more information.